Marshall Crenshaw’s Vintage Refin: Venture’s Model Mosrite 12

Marshall Crenshaw

Marshall Crenshaw was referred to us by our good buds at The Axe Shop in Wappingers Falls, NY. What an awesome project, thanks guys!

Marshall is an avid collector of vintage guitars and loved the sound of these pickups on this 1960's Mosrite 12 string Venture's Model. He decided on Pelham Blue for the color. The Mosrite 12 is a wonderful late 60's guitar, sort of a reverse Stratocaster from Semie Moseley. Take a look at the gallery below for the job in process, and before and after photos.

Mosrite Venture's Model

In the early 60's, instrumental rock became the rage and the Venture's pioneered the sound and vibe with song's such as "Walk Don't Run" that became instant garage-band classics. Ultimately, the Venture's put out their own line of guitars through Mosrite Company. While these guitars were not "top-of-the-line", their funky retro appeal made them popular and they became rock-and-roll classics. Today, original Mosrite Venture's models such as Marshall's Mosrite 12 are highly sought after by collectors.


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