Drive The Vibe: Rocket 88

3 Degree Sculpted Hood Scoop
Rocket 88, 3 Degree Sculpted Hood Scoop

Modern Tones. Surreal Sustain. Vintage Vibe with Drive.

The Rocket 88 was the fastest production car of it's day, also considered by many to be the first Rock and Roll song ever recorded. With that in mind, I present the Rocket 88. I think of this guitar to be comparable with the Telecaster and Les Paul. It is essentially the same size as both of those classic American guitars, with plenty more under the hood for those who love details to be admired.

The added mass of the 1957 T-Bird styled hood scoop and chambered body provide the pickups a whole lot more to drive - delivering sweet sustain, clarity, and tone. (Did I mention tone?)

Rocket 88 features a 25.5" bolt-on flatsawn maple neck for exceptional playability. It's build quality and design is nothing short of exceptional, delivering pure balance, fullness, articulate highs and a warm foundation in the bottom end.

Custom options are available such as exotic woods, custom inlays & binding, unique finishes, hardware, electronics and more. Distinctive calling cards of iconic American hot rods and guitars are present here: "Let's Take a Ride in Style."

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