Introducing Ceilidh

Silver Maple G Inlay

Gerhards Guitarworks is please to announce the premier of Ceilidh (Pronounced "Kaylee" - Scottish for "social gathering and dance.")

Whether it's a solo or band gig, Ceilidh is a performing artist's dream. This handcrafted acoustic guitar is based on the beloved 00 Style Martin. Ceilidh primarily uses woods native to the Great Northern Catskills of NY, but is available in a variety of options. Ceilidh features a side port for crystal clarity to the player and the 'G' rosette offset holes adds a more balanced projection of the bass to treble strings.

Although it is X-braced in the classic tradition, it utilizes slightly less top bracing. During my development I discovered this gives a better response. Ceilidh is outfitted with a 3-head bridge plate transducer - the optimal choice for achieving a rich, balanced natural sound.

Whether natural or plugged in, Ceilidh delivers plenty of volume and notes that truly ring out with natural sustain and a warm, rich and smooth tone. It's 25.64" scale and classic shape provides possibly the most comfortable playing experience you will find.

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Give us a call or stop by our showroom to sample Ceilidh, or any of our custom builds!

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