Robert "Cue" Gerhards, Gerhards Guitarworks
Robert "Cue" Gerhards, Gerhards Guitarworks
Robert "Cue" Gerhards, Master Luthier
Robert "Cue" Gerhards, Master Luthier

The Man Behind the Passion: Robert "Cue" Gerhards

Combining his skills acquired over more than 40 years, as a woodworker, finisher, luthier, and working musician, Robert "Cue" Gerhards is known throughout the industry for his expertise, integrity and passion for achieving uncompromising quality. As the head of a leading custom shop for over 14 years, Cue pioneered many of the exotic and artistic color combinations, techniques and finishes that did not previously exist and are widely replicated today. "I've been a musician and loved guitars for as long as I can remember. Since I took wood shop in High School, woodworking has been a constant passion in my life. I've made cabinets and furniture, repaired antiques ... and through all of that, I had to finish or restore those projects as well. This has proved immensely valuable in Luthiery as no two guitars are alike, no two projects require the same process.. the challenges and possibilities are endless. Whether it's custom paints or hand rubbed oil finishes, I find the end result of working with wood in the white to completion extremely satisfying."

"The beauty of the wood, the tones it can produce, and the satisfaction of sculpting a neck with a rasp is what guitar making is all about. I worked over fourteen years in an exclusive custom guitar shop and now another 15 years as Gerhards Guitarworks, developing and building my guitars, creating custom and artistic finishes, and doing repairs for clients worldwide."

"I have the honor of working with world renowned luthiers, musicians, collectors and enthusiasts every day and I'm confident that Gerhards Guitarworks can bring out the very best in your instrument."

I personally consult with all of my customers in order to ascertain what they envision as their perfect sounding
and playing guitar. My personal dedication and careful attention to every detail assures each customer that
their instrument will be the finest available. For years I have been performing live with my prototype guitars.
This fusion of practical experience and fine craftsmanship has resulted in instruments that offer a unique
presence and tonal quality like no other. Our guitars are backed by a lifetime warranty.

- Robert "Cue" Gerhards

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